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The three exhibitions, Lee Miller at Farley Farm, Roland Penrose’s Surrealist Camera and Picasso at Play, of outstanding photographs, curated by Ian Chance and Antony Penrose, bring to life key aspects of the lives and work of Lee Miller and Roland Penrose. These have been drawn from the extensive archive held at Farleys House and provide moving insight into the world they experienced and the people they knew in the middle years of the twentieth century. Almost all the photographs are by Lee Miller or Roland Penrose. A detailed, explanatory caption is framed with each photograph to help stimulate appreciation, understanding and further thought about the times through which Roland Penrose and Lee Miller lived. For each exhibition there is a catalogue, with an introduction and essay written by the curators, showing all included photographs and captions.

Lee Miller at Farley Farm

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Lee Miller was one of the most remarkable photographers of the twentieth century. This selection of images reveals her everyday life with her husband Roland Penrose at Farleys where they entertained their many famous friends. Here also she eventually recovered from the traumatic years of World War 2 during which she produced some of her most important and challenging work. This selection of photographs includes images of Max Ernst, André Masson, Man Ray, Paul Eluard and Pablo Picasso.

Roland Penrose’s Surrealist Camera

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Roland Penrose was the leading British Surrealist artist, biographer and friend of Picasso and many other artists who introduced Surrealism to Britain in the famous exhibition of 1936. Importantly also he took many photographs throughout his life. In this selection a Surrealist’s eye can be seen at work stirring emotions with photographs that metamorphose everyday appearances into startling, dream-like images evoking disturbing sensations within the context of his exotic travels around the world.

Picasso at Play

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This selection of remarkable and personal photographs shows Pablo Picasso with his family and numerous famous friends from the art world including Lee Miller and Roland Penrose. Many of these were taken by Lee. The jaunty hat, the wild looking plaid trousers, the casual shirt and above all the clown mask help us to understand the importance Picasso placed on play.

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